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| by ccarvalho31

Released: 5/16/2012 3:40 PM EDT
Source: Washington University in St. Louis
Newswise — Researchers have found evidence that early drug and alcohol use is associated with lower levels of educational attainment.

Studying male twins who served in the military during the Vietnam era, they found that those who began drinking or using drugs as young teens or who became dependent on alcohol, nicotine or marijuana, were less likely to finish college than those who didn’t use alcohol or drugs until later in life and never became dependent.

The study, by investigators at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and the Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Health Care System, will be published in the August 2012 issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research but is now available online. (more…)

| by ccarvalho31

Published: Tuesday, May. 15, 2012 – 1:34 am

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., May 15, 2012 — /PRNewswire/ — A new study presented at an international conference in Texas demonstrates the long-term effectiveness of a classroom-based prevention program targeting teen drug use. The study tracked teens who participated in the Botvin LifeSkills Training (LST) program as 7th graders and found that their participation in the program produced long-lasting reduction in drug use 12 years later. The study’s findings were presented in April at the Blueprints for Violence Prevention conference held in San Antonio, Texas. (more…)

| by cadfy

By Bill O’Reilly

Published February 15, 2012

The media have no bleepin’ clue how to cover the death of Whitney Houston. That’s because she was slowly dying for years and many in the press simply averted their eyes.

It was ultra-disturbing that a beautiful woman blessed with an extraordinary singing voice chose a self-destructive path in full view of the world. I mean, here is a person who signed a $100 million recording contract, actually sold 170 million albums and commanded high six figures to deliver a 90-minute concert. Houston was a genuine international star, and yet she often was seen in public disheveled and confused, her substance addiction apparent. The media simply did not know what to say.

We live in a time in which addiction is categorized as a disease, and to do what Nancy Reagan once did and urge people to reject narcotics is considered uncool. How many young performers do we see doing public service announcements warning children to avoid intoxication? Right now, I can’t think of one.


| by cadfy

By Phillip Reese and Grace Rubenstein
Published February 11, 2012

The neonatal unit isn’t supposed to be a drug rehab ward.

But the drugs their mothers took are causing more newborns in the Sacramento area to spend their first days of life suffering through the pains of withdrawal.

According to diagnosis reports from 2008 to 2010 submitted by hospitals to the state, the number of infants suffering withdrawal in the four-county area has doubled since the start of the decade.


| by cadfy

By Kathleen Toner, CNN
Published February 9, 2012

Denver (CNN) — When Nick Nisbet says he once hit rock bottom, he means it.

“I had a heroin overdose. I stopped breathing for too long, and I died. My heartbeat stopped and brain waves stopped,” he said. “They had to jump-start me with the paddles.”

The 2006 episode finally persuaded Nisbet to kick his deadly drug habit. But getting clean — and staying clean — was a daunting proposition.


| by cadfy

By Josie Feliz

Published August 24, 2011

~CASA Survey Reports Teens Who Regularly Use Social Networking Sites More Likely to Smoke, Drink, Use Drugs ~

New York, NY – August, 24 2011 – A national study released today by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University underscores the vital role of parents in preventing drug and alcohol abuse among their children and teens.


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