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A Crisis of Epidemic Proportions

There is no debate any more that the United States is facing a crisis of epidemic proportions in the loss of life from drug overdoses – mainly the Opioid crisis but it reaches deeper into all forms of addiction. Thankfully it is now getting the media and public attention it has needed to create solutions and action.  President Donald Trump has announced there is an Opioid addiction crisis but little action has yet to be manifest behind the acknowledgement.


The reality is that deaths from overdoses are now the equivalent of a 9/11 tragedy every two and a half weeks and they continue to grow at an unprecedented rate. It is not slowing down.


However, the awful reality behind these tragic announcements of loss of life is the number of those who are caught in the active vicious cycle of addiction, who are undergoing treatment, emerging from a short term recovery and then cycling back into addiction and relapse. Relapse rates from current treatment methods can be as high as 85%.


We believe that a successful treatment and recovery strategy must have a new vision, more of the same won’t work.  It is our belief that the solution must include a longer term approach to sustaining a clean and sober living environment that guides and protects the individual from relapse in addition and subsequent to the treatment phases.


The science and methodology of longer term residential clean and sober living is well documented and institutions such as San Patriagno in Italy have clearly proven the benefits of a long term clean and sober living residential community with success rates of 85% or higher or relapse rates of lower than 15% and some 1,500 people currently in residence.


In addition to longer term clean and sober residential approaches it is also emerging that addiction recovery replicates recovery from chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases and these medical conditions respond very favorably to the introduction of holistic lifestyle improvement coaching in addition to medical treatment.


It is this application of holistic lifestyle coaching and guidance our concept merges with the Clean and Sober Living, long term (6-12 months) residential approach to create a long term sustained solution to addiction recovery and assimilation back into a productive healthy and balanced life.

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A New Living Center Concept…Mind, Body & Soul Every Day

A Compelling Partnership

We are bringing together a partnership of CADFY and visionary experts in population health to fulfill this vision of a new Living Center.


CADFY Background

CADFY has been advising, directing and developing innovative, ground breaking new strategies to substance abuse policies and health improvement for over three and a half decades in California, the United States as well as countries around the world.  We are one of only four organizations in the United States with Consultative Status on global drug policy with the United Nations.  We have served on a commissions in Portugal to advise them on the effectiveness of its current drug policies and in the US we have presented to numerous state legislatures on the effect of substance abuse on current populations recommending options for effective change.


Center Approach

The program focusses on a New Clean and Sober Living Center where members will participate in residence over the course of 6-12 months.  Participants in the program are coached, guided and supported in a highly personalized program of healthy living in a community environment. They will be personally coached in healthy nutrition and participate in healthy cooking demonstrations and classes. They will be coached in their own personalized physical activity and exercise using the latest mobile technology and digital tracking. They will be mentored in managing their stress levels and conscious living to develop and sustain a healthy positive mindset and attitude.


In summary we brought together partners who are well proven as experts in their respective fields and who are recognized as leaders and innovative thinkers to numerous countries across the globe to create a new vision of Clean and Sober living integrated with a highly personalized lifetime health living mentoring and coaching environment.


Global Population Health Experts

We have partnered with Adrian Stewart, one of the leading global experts in population health improvement and lifestyle guidance to oversee the design and implementation of a holistic healthy lifestyle program approach combined with a long term residential Clean and Sober living program.


Adrian has designed, developed and implemented some of the largest and world leading population health strategies in both the US and in Europe and Central and South America.  He is renowned for bring innovative approaches to engagement and participation in lifestyle change programs and coaching for healthy living.


Putting Technology to use

One of the key differences in our approach is to create both a real in person and a digital support and mentoring environment for the participants. As they progress in these programs they transition from in person coaching to a digital healthy living mobile platform that stay with them and be their personal guide for the rest of their lives with a built in coaching resource and their own social community of support and encouragement.  They will still be able to connect with their personal mentors after leaving the residential environment to get advice and coaching and will become part of an ever growing community of help and support for their peers who are just beginning their journey in drug free sobriety.  Joining the New Living Center will be a lifetime membership.

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